Five piece solid wood frame with veneer center panel.

The Halifax door is an even more refined look than either a shaker or a slab door for your Contemporary or Transitional interior. The slim border implies a faceframe cabinet while maintaining the large open expanse of veneer to highlight the natural beauty of wood. Those species can include walnut, white oak, or cherry and work best with a clear natural finish that fully expresses the grain and color. A legacy door from the Imperia line of cabinetry, this product has been in our family for a long time and continues to be a timeless classic.

Paint option available.

Species: available in a wide variety of domestic and exotic species.

Colors: available in a wide variety of proprietary colors.

See below for more detailed specifications:

Technical specs

  • Inside Door Profile

    - Plain

  • Center Panel

    - P-VEN916

  • Outside Profile

    - ME

  • Stile & Rail Size

    - Stile: 3/4" Rail: 3/4"

  • Door Thickness

    - 3/4"

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