How long does it take to manufacture IMPERIAs?

IMPERIAs are custom made to your specifications and our attention to detail during both the design and manufacturing phases ensures your complete satisfaction with your purchase. Typically, you can expect your custom cabinets to arrive at the job site approximately 8-10 weeks after you approve the design and place a deposit with your authorized dealer.

How does Imperia pricing compare to that of other cabinet manufacturers?

A custom-made cabinet is more expensive than the stock and semi-custom cabinets available through your local home and building supply center. However, we believe you’ll find our products to be very competitively priced in comparison to other custom cabinetmakers.

Does Imperia offer “green” cabinets?

Yes. We are always looking for eco-friendly materials and manufacturing methods that contribute to creating a better environment for our customers and their communities. To that end, Imperia uses only non-toxic glues in our manufacturing process and offers a number of cabinet styles made from renewable resources that replenish quickly, like bamboo. Our new product lines, introduced in the first quarter of 2012, will reflect the recent consulting work by Hasegawa & Associates that has focused on improving all aspects of the cabinetry in terms of design, style, and environmental impact.

Does your Limited Lifetime Warranty include drawer pulls and hinges?

All of our hardware manufacturers offer a lifetime guarantee on their products, so we will be happy to honor and provide necessary support in the unlikely event that you experience a problem. We use only the highest quality hardware that has been subjected to wear, pull, cycle, and durability testing well beyond the standards of everyday use.
* exempting Wood Hu products bought before 2005

Will my cabinets be made at your facility in West Bridgewater, MA?

Yes. We manufacture our cabinets from raw materials and do not use imported knock down cabinet parts. Some of our specialty multi-part doors and wood drawer boxes are sourced from suppliers in the Northeast but all slab laminate, veneer and bamboo doors are manufactured in our plant.

Am I able to purchase my cabinets directly from the factory, and is the factory showroom still available for customers to visit?

No, Imperia is now only available through our dealer network. The factory showroom has been removed and there are no sales handled by the staff at the factory.

How do the cabinets get to my house?

We contract with several qualified and experienced transport companies that will deliver your cabinets when you want them, where you want them, and in perfect condition.